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Steven Sumolang on the top of Mt. Klabat
Steven Sumolang on the top of Mt. Klabat

MOHON MAAF ,,,, SAAT INI HALAMAN sedang dikerjakan/diedit


Dear visitor welcome:


Selamat Datang di Blog saya, yang merupakan mitra dari Laniratulangi’s Blog yang mulai sesak.

Diatas ini foto dari Steven Sumolong di puncak Gunung Klabat

This site, as the other one, is of course also messed up and rather cluttered, so be patient finding your way,but please keep hanging around because for these next few days I have to move as many as I can of my websites from geocities to other places, such as these…..

Picture above is from Steven Sumolang’s Album.  Thanks Steven!

Have a good time, hope you’ll find something interesting,



4 thoughts on “WORK in PROGRESS

  1. Dear Lani,
    I wonder if my mother’s family is related to yours. My mother’s parents were George Jan Lumanauw and Sofia Rose Gerungan from Manado. My mother, Antoinette Helena Lumanauw had an uncle named Sam Ratulangi. I’m not sure if he is the uncle who was a doctor. I hope you have some more information for me. That would be wonderful. Thank you in advance.
    Elsha Bohnert

    1. Dear Elsha, Thanks for your visit to my blog. To answer your question I must check it out with my nephew Boeng Dotulong who has just finished a book about the GERUNGAN family. I’ll send you my answer later.

  2. Hi, I’m Vic Schultz from Australia, related to Madelon Harland through Emelie Mesman, who was my great grandmothers sister. Madelon told me that her mother was married to Sam Ratulangie and had two children; if that is your connection, then I guess that we too are related.
    Would love a reply

    1. Hello Vic, I am so sorry that I forgot whether I have already answered you or not yet. To answer that question I am afraid that I have to disappoint you, Madelon has a half sister and a half brother: Emily (Zus) and Cornelis (Oddy) . Oddy passed away in 2008 and Zus lives in Holland but visits Indonesia each year. Bye!

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