Lake of Tondano, the Pride of the Tondanese people

and two Sketches by Henk Ngantung.

Most of us are familiar with the name: Henk Ngantung. Two examples of his scetches may be seen below. He was a great observer of the beauty of the nature and especially also of his hometown surrounding that was the Tomohon and Tondano area in the Minahasa where there were many SEHO (Arenga) trees all around …….

Gambar  .
Sketsa dari Henk yang dibuat dengan pinsil ditahun 1936
Menanam padi (Minahasa) 1949, pena

We see on both sketches the rich flora and especially the ARENGA or in local language the SEHO tree that has always been so typical of the MINAHASA panorama.
|In fact: The SEHO tree is a multi purpose tree with many virtues!

Below are three pictures by my grandson Ewaldo Andipo Sugandi (9 years old in 2004) with a small digital camera (Agfa).

He enjoyed his vacation in June 2004 and was stunned at the beauty of the Tondano Lake.

Gambar 3
Gambar 3  View after leaving Tondano
Gambar 4
Gambar 4. Pemandangan indah Danau Tondano
Gambar 5. Pemandangan setelah meninggalkan Kakas.

On both pictures the rich rice fields, local people’s staple……

However …… NO ARENGA or SEHO trees ANYMORE!!!

Those were the trees that in the past decorated and PROTECTED the lake.

Let us preserve the beauty and the use of the Lake ofTondano for our future generations, by replanting ARENGA or SEHO or ANY other suitable tree again.

YES, NOW! It’s not too late!

Don’t wait until our lake becomes totally eroded and SILTED!

Gambar 6. A lake completely silted and dried up, picture is from the internet.